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All Star Swim School is the industry’s leading swim school in Alamo CA

Since 1998, All-Star Swim School has provided swim lessons Alamo CA parents and relatives have grown to trust and respect. Your child should learn to become a bona fide little swimmer, as well as attain a complete understanding of the fundamentals of children’s swimming methodology: including:

• Panic avoidance
• Floating
• Stroke techniques
• Pool and water safety
• Baby swimming
• Toddler swimming
• Baby swimming
• Advanced swimming skills

At All Star Swim School, all of these swim essentials are provided within a warm, friendly pool environment with well trained, certified swimming instructors, while parents and relatives watch nearby.

A child’s swim lesson will begin with the conquering of water fear, and end with the child achieving the ultimate desired level of swim technique. Learned swim skills will depend upon the desired results for every swim student, and can include:

• Water and pool safety
• Breathing control
• Correct head and body positioning
• Assisted horizontal swimming
• Beginning front crawl
• Sliding along pool wall
• Swimming to pool wall
• Appropriate stroke and kicking techniques
• More advanced swim techniques

Parents trust All Star Swim School in Alamo CA for child’s swimming lessons that provide swim lessons varying from swim basics to advanced swimming for competition. At All Star Swim School, their professionally-certified, exceptionally-skilled and compassionate swim instructors help ensure your little swimmer will acquire the required knowledge of proper swimming techniques that will give him or her the self confidence that will transcend into every aspect of the child’s life in later years.

At All Star Swim School, the best Swim School Alamo CA has to offer, they understand the importance of conquering the fear of water, and what overcoming fear of water can do for a child in later development years. Additionally, learning to swim can save a life! Call All Star Swim School today to begin your child’s swim lessons today: (925) 967-0900.

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