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Since 1998, All-Star Swim School has been the premier swim school Pleasanton residents trust to teach proper swimming methods, water safety, CPR and other critical water skills to their children. At All-Star Swim School, located at 5800 Camino Tassajara in Danville, our philosophy is that each acquired swim skill is a stepping-stone to the next one, until eventually, your child is the best swimmer he/she can be. We want your Pleasanton children to receive more than just swim lessons; we want them to be completely comfortable in the water, and to acquire and retain comprehensive knowledge of water safety.

To us, safety in the water is of utmost importance. Because your Pleasanton child’s first interaction with water may be with an All-Star Swim School instructor, we are acutely aware of the importance of a positive environment favorable to building children’s swim development, as well as self-esteem.

Overcoming fear of water can help your child overcome other demanding challenges in life with ease and graceful determination. Your child’s swim lesson experience will help build a strong foundation for future education and life lessons. The process of building self-confidence and trust are essential to children who are learning how to swim and how to love it.

At All-Star Swim School we first acknowledge that your child is unique. That’s why we take an individualized approach to swim techniques, ensuring we meet the needs of your child as an individual. We work with you and your child to set specific goals, ensuring you receive a sense of reliability and your child receives complete accomplishment and love of swimming.
At All-Star, we teach children how to swim safe, gain a comprehensive understanding of the core basics of children swim development, such as floating, perfect stroke techniques, avoiding panic, baby and toddler swimming lessons and other important swimming skills.

Water safety:

Child water safety is our number one priority. It’s crucial that your child knows what to do at all times when they are in the water, with or without an adult, as well as procedures to follow in the event of a water safety issue. Your child will learn beginning and intermediate water skills, water safety, and basic water problem solving skills, including:

• Learning to enter and exit the pool safely
• Breathing control
• Floating on their backs
• Proper arm strokes and leg kicking
• Development of correct head and body orientation
• Relaxation and buoyancy concepts
• Assisted horizontal swimming
• Beginning front crawl
• Sliding along wall
• Swimming to wall

To learn more about All-Star Swim School, including our rates, holidays, ownership, facilities, parking and more, call us at: (925) 967-0900.

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