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Children Swim Development

At All-Star Swim School, located at 5800 Camino Tassajara in Danville, our unique philosophy is that all acquired children swim development skills help develop important swim abilities that are stepping-stones to the next. Since 1998, All-Star Swim School has provided highly-respected and well-trusted children swim development, teaching proper swimming techniques, water safety, CPR and other skills to children of all ages.

We want your children to acquire more than just swim lessons; we want them to be completely comfortable and confident in any body of water, to enjoy the water, and to retain highly valuable knowledge of water safety. To us, safety in the water is of utmost importance. Because your child’s first interaction with water may be with an All-Star Swim School instructor, we are highly aware of the importance of a positive water experience, conducive to building children swim development, as well as self-esteem.

We believe children swim development can be a valuable tool to overcoming difficult life challenges with self-confidence, will power and ease. Children swim development helps build a strong foundation for children’s future life experiences and education. The process of building self-confidence and trust are essential to children who are learning how to swim, as well as how to be completely comfortable and confident in any body of water.

Your child is unique:

We acknowledge that every child is unique. We address individual child characteristic differences by adapting our program and techniques to fit the needs of the individual child, along with the parent’s requests. We work with each child and their parents to set specific goals to ensure your child comes away from his or her swim lessons with a sense of achievement and a love of swimming. A comprehensive understanding of the core basics of child swim development such as floating, avoiding panic, basic and advanced strokes and pool safety are critical to child swimming development.

The Pool:

Our pool is designed for all water instruction. To create an optimal learning environment where children have minimal distractions during their swim lessons, we provide each instructor and child with a designated space, a comfortable water temperature, and steps to get in and out. Children feel confident, comfortable and safe to enjoy the water. Children of all ages are typically confident and comfortable in the water after one or two exposures. It is quite a joy to watch children swim development once they get to this comfort level! In cool weather months, we cover the pool with a dome so children are able to enjoy swim lessons all year round.

Parent Viewing Areas (Swim Shacks):

Our indoor parent viewing areas are a comfortable place for children to prepare for class while families watch them swim. We have 2 swim shacks located on either side of the swimming pool. Our main swim shack is where the bathrooms and office are located. The second swim shack has a private dressing area where parents can help children prepare. Both swim shacks are heated in winter and air conditioned in summer. We have big windows that allow the parents to enjoy watching their children of all ages learn to swim.

To learn more about All-Star Swim School, such as parent participation, additional swim skills, our facilities, parking, fees, schedules and other information, call us today: (925) 967-0900.

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