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All-Star Swim School provides terrific child swimming lessons within a trusted, safe and friendly environment parents can trust to ensure their child gains extensive knowledge of proper swim techniques, water safety, CPR and other basic and intermediate swimming techniques. At All-Star Swim School, located at 5800 Camino Tassajara in Danville, California, we are students of the philosophy that every swimming lesson is a stepping-stone to the next swim skill, until your child is the absolute best swimmer he or she can be. We are dedicated to providing more than just swimming lessons; we want your child to be completely relaxed in the water, and to preserve an inclusive knowledge of water safety.

Our pool was intentionally designed specifically for water instruction. We are adamant about the preservation of an optimum swim training environment where your little swimmer can focus on important training. Each instructor is provided with a designated area to give comfortable instruction to each child. We maintain a comfortable water temperature, with easy and safe entry and exit to the pool. Our students feel confident to enjoy the water while they learn important swim and water safety techniques. In cool weather months, we keep the pool covered with a dome so students are able to enjoy swim lessons all year round.

The Viewing Areas (Swim Shacks):

Our indoor viewing areas (Swim Shacks) are a cozy place for students to prepare, as well as for families to watch them during swim lessons. We have 2 swim shacks on either side of the swimming pool. Both swim shacks are heated in winter, air conditioned in summer, and have big windows which allow parents and family to enjoy watching their little swimmers.

At All Star Swim School we want every child, irrespective of age or physical ability, to be completely comfortable in the water. We appreciate the uniqueness of every little swimmer, and understand that what may work for one child, may not work for another. Some children may harbor an inherent love for the water while others will have had no prior exposure and may harbor an inherent fear of water. We modify our program and techniques to fit individualized needs of every child. Whether your swimmer is learning the basics of floating, water safety, or refining strokes for competitive swimming, we line up our training with your swimmer’s needs, abilities, and personal characteristics. We work one on one with each child and their parents to set specific goals and assist with the achievement of a sense of personal accomplishment and a love of swimming.

At All Star Swim School, we designed our program with four key stages of swim development: water safety; learning to swim; stroke development, and technical stroke refinement. Every stage is tailored to your child’s needs. We will privately discuss your swimmers current abilities, and your desired results. To that end we do an individualized assessment. We then gauge what we learn to design a program completely tailored to your child to ensure he or she has an encouraging swim experience.

To us water safety is of utmost importance, and, because the first interaction with water may be with an All-Star Swim School instructor, we are acutely aware of the importance of a healthy, optimistic environment that is conducive to building your child’s swim development and self-assurance. Overcoming fear of water will help your child deal with future life challenges with ease and gentle resolution.

To learn more about All-Star Swim School, including our rates, holidays, ownership, facilities, parking and more, call us at: (925) 967-0900.

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